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Our company has currently obtained BV Certificate, KOSHER Certificate, Idanca Halal Product Certificate, NOP Certificate, U.S. FDA Certificate,ISO9001 Food Management System Certificate, ISO22000 Quality Safety System Certificate, etc.
Certificate of Organic OperationName:Certificate of Organic Operation
Certificate No: 22284CN1300z1ec(NOP)
Range:Organic Certificate
Reference: ECOCERT S.A. France
 U.S. FDA Certificate of RegistrationName: U.S. FDA Certificate of Registration
Certificate No: 15594742028
Range:Production of Edible Spirulina (Power,Tablet) for Export
Reference: Food and Drug Administration
NOP Certificate (Spirulina)Name:NOP Certificate (Spirulina)
Certificate No: 50OGA1200043(9241)
Range:Organic Certificate
Reference: Spirulina Powder
NOP Certificate (Chlorella)Name:NOP Certificate (Chlorella)
Certificate No: 50OGA1300064(15608)
Range:Organic Certificate
Reference: Chlorella Powder
Ifanca Halal Product CertificateName:Ifanca Halal Product Certificate
Certificate No: DON. 7364.130003.CN
Range:Spirulina & Chlorella
Reference: the supervision of Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)
KOSHER CertificateName:KOSHER Certificate
Certificate No: E5CDO-3LXJR
Range:The processing and marketing of food grade spirulina powder.
Reference: Issued by Kosher Supervision of America
ZDHY Quality Management System CertificateName:ZDHY Quality Management System Certificate
Certificate No: 02010Q21722R0M
Range:The production and service of spirulina powder and spirulina table
Reference: ZDHY
Food Safety Management System CertificateName:Food Safety Management System Certificate
Certificate No: 001FSMS1300769
Range:Production of Edible Spirulina (Power,Tablet) for Export
Supplier Assessment CertificateName:Supplier Assessment Certificate
Certificate No: 5159897_P+T
Reference: Assessed by Bureau Veritas
QS Food Production License CertificateName:QS Food Production License Certificate
Certificate No: QS320922020050
Reference: Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau
Access to Export Health Certificate of IncorporationName:Access to Export Health Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate No: 3200D00254
Reference: China Jiangsu Province Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
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