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Mar 2012     Patents approved for 1) Separation and Purification of Cyanothece
Polysaccharides 2) Enrichment and Isolation of Phycocyanin in Cyanobacteria 3) Enrichment and Isolation of Phycocyanin in Spirulina by Expanded Bed 4) Study on the Extraction and Purification Technology of Phycocyanin in Cyanobacteria
Feb 2012   National Organic Program certified from USDA
May 2011  C.B.N. Bio-technology Co., Ltd founded in Dafeng Marine Life Technology Garden.
May 2009 C.B.N. Spirulina Research and Development Centre founded in Jiangsu Province
Apr 2008 C.B.N. Spirulina Canada founded in Canada
Mar 2008 Dongtai Guangya Spirulina Production Plant started operation

Jul 2006 Dongtai City Spirulina Bio-engineering Co., Ltd founded in Jiangsu Province
Jan 2005 C.B.N. International Co., Ltd founded in U.K.
May 2003 Business quickly developed in U.S. and Taiwan markets since SARS breakout in many regions in China
Oct 2002 Dongtai City Top Bio-engineering Co., Ltd founded including a farm for over 80,000 sqm
Apr 2000 Acquisition of Dafeng Lvkui Spirulina Plant
Jun 1998 Jiangsu C.B.N. Nutritious Food Co.,Ltd founded in Nanjing
May 1994 Jiangsu Dongfang Agriculture Biochemistry Co.,Ltd founded in Danyang city including a Spirulina farm for over 35,000 sqm


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