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Who we are
Aimgrow Biotech is a British Columbia, Canada based biotechnology company, also has marketing branch in Tokyo, Japan. Aimgrow is committed to providing microalgae and their extractions that brings health to people’s everyday lives. We have built strategic partnership with microalgae professional organizations all over the world.

Our Manufacture
Our manufacture is one of the largest Spirulina and Chlorella manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Today, it has 5 cultivation farms, one R&D centre, one GMP plant. Our microalgae products are ecologically grown for 100% purity and safety with hundred of international certificates and supplied over 20 countries and regions world-wide, such as Japan, North America and Europe.

Research and Development (R&D)
Our manufacurer research team is at the forefront of agricultural biotechnology, with extensive research in plant breeding, and microalgae science. We take microalgae as the main axis of development, and combine university R&D talents to develop microalgae related technologies, and will set short, medium and long-term develoment goals in order to build a complete microalgae technology and product development team.

We've never let ourselves forget we are aiming our rapid growth through creating outstanding biotech products and dedication to our organic level customer experiences. Hence our motto: We aim grow, we aim healthy.

Spirulina manufacture

Why Us

1. We can offer our customers top quality products, our products which is Spirulina and Chlorella are certified by Canadian Site Licence and Foreign Site Licence, Canadian Organic Regime(COR), USDA Organic Certificate, KOSHER Certificate, IFANCA HALAL Product certificate, click here to read more....

2. Our core technologies include: Non-irradiation processing, low heavy metal parameters, low PAH Value, efficient metal detection and isolation.

3. Innovation: We have established Microalgae BiotechnologyR&D facility and we work closely with China Agricultural Research Institutions.

4. We are currently holding 38 exclusive patents.

5. Manufacturing environment: Our manufacture facility is located at Agriculture Ecological Garden in Jiangsu province. It is recognized as “one of the pollution free sea shore in the east coast of Pacific Ocean.”

6. Product features: We can optimize the production activity up to 4000kg per batch. Our products can achieve the highest consistency on color, odor and quality from batch to batch.

7. Our productivity: We can manufacture up to 8000 tons of microalgae products on annual basis.

8. Features of manufacturing facility: We have the integral manufacturing facility which can help us to reach the largest production capacity.

9. Feature services: We provide 24/7 technical consultant services both on-line and off-line to help our customers. We can guarantee to send the products out within 2 business days upon the confirmation of purchasing.

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